Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another weekend's over. That means we're another weekend closer to my sister's wedding & another weekend closer to Christmas!! I'm equally excited for both. 

As I mentioned last week, since we couldn't make our normal Veteran's Day trip to Saratoga, we decided to go this weekend instead. So on Friday afternoon, my sister picked up Ella & I to make the 4 hour drive. I'll be honest - the drive sucked. Ella didn't sleep at all. We had McDonald's for dinner. Ughh... the whole thing was just gross. But waking up at my parents' house always makes it worth it. 

The main reason for our trip was to have my sister's final dress fitting. Obviously, I can't share any pictures with you, but she looks so beautiful in it! Angela's Bridal in Albany has been amazing throughout the entire process and we were in & out without a hassle on Saturday, which is very appreciated when you have the two year old flower girl with you. 

Once we had our mission complete, we headed off on other adventures... like shopping. We had only been in the mall for about 20 minutes when Ella started asking for a blankie, which means that she wants to take a nap. I didn't have a blankie with me, so I had to sacrifice my scarf... 

Ella slept for 2 hours, which made shopping absolutely glorious. We stopped at Starbucks for their buy one, get one free holiday drinks... 

And then we got a ton of shopping done! We snagged the last Doc Mobile left at Toys R Us & I found flannel sheets for Ella's toddler bed at PB Kids. I also picked up a few plates for her at PB kids, including an Elf on the Shelf one that I plan to use at our Elf Welcome Breakfast! Once Ella woke up, we headed to Macy's to find my sister a new coat. (They had an amazing sale & she ended up getting a Michael Kors coat at 40% off!) While she shopped, Ella & I went to write a letter to Santa! 

And then we faced the daunting task of trekking all the way back across the mall. I absolutely hate when that happens! But... we made it back to the car with smiles on our faces. 

I was exhausted by the time we made it home, to the point that I would've been happy ordering pizza. Mom had other plans though & I got us freshened up for dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants - Bentley's - which has some of the best chicken wings ever (and trust, I know a lot about chicken wings.) 

Sunday was far more low key. We got up, played around the house, and read the paper. As everyone started to get hungry, we bundled up & headed to Cracker Barrel. Now, I know Cracker Barrel is a chain & normally I'm all about the diner breakfast experience - but those biscuits are heaven...

After breakfast we repacked the car & headed back to Rochester. I had high hopes that Ella would take a long nap because I know she was exhausted, but nope. Homegirl slept for all of 45 minutes then proceeded to cast spells on us with her Sofia the First wand the rest of the way. After these trips this weekend, I've finalized my decision that I just can't travel with her by myself anymore. I had to entertain her 75% of the time while my sister drove. I don't know how single parents do it. 

We finally made it back home... and we didn't unpack a single thing. My house is currently a disaster. But I'm fine with it, because I got to eat take out pizza, in my sweats, while watching football with my hubs. So worth it... 

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