Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Musings...

  • Are you at school today? Please tell me that my school isn't the only district in the nation that is working today. It makes absolutely no sense that I'm here right now, but I'm off on Tuesday. That's why I made an executive decision - I'm wearing jeans in protest & treating today as a Friday.
  • I spent my Saturday covered in glitter, completing Pinterest projects for my sister's wedding. This was the first time in history that I've been thankful Pinterest didn't exist when I got married. Yes, everything looks awesome, but it was a lot of work... and we've seen my daughter's birthday parties. I tend to go overboard. 
  • I have half of my Christmas shopping done! Yes, you read that right. 50% of all my shopping is done. And what's even better? I got it all wrapped too. Since Ella can't be trusted with presents in sight and we have zero storage space left at our house, all presents are currently being kept at school. It's really a convenient little system. If I buy it, I leave it in the car & then bring it into school. If I order it, I have it shipped to my building. I ran to Target yesterday, picked up a few wrapping supplies, and when I got to work this morning (which is always an hour earlier than I have to be) I busted through the gifts I have in my possession! So excited to be ahead of the game!
  • Speaking of Christmas gifts, I plunged into dangerous waters & bought Ella a few things from CrewCuts! They were majorly on sale & I can't wait to see her sporting some mini-J.Crew. Now if only these pajamas would go on sale! 
  • Today is the start of winter season, and even though I told you all about my impending resignation, I still ended up getting promoted. So... I'll be coaching the JV team this season. These are girls that I absolutely love & have been with for awhile now. I'm hoping they'll give me an amazing send off season!
  • And I was really hoping to share a sneak peek of our family photos today... but still nothing. Fingers crossed I get to see them soon! 

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