Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! I woke up doing a little happy dance because even though this week went relatively quickly, I've been looking forward to this weekend since last weekend ended. We're headed to my parent's country house to have a craft day for my sister's wedding. It's basically going to be a bunch of my favorite people in one room, eating good food, and talking about my sister's wedding. So exciting! 

Favorite #1: 

I decided not to do another Halloween post this week because I had already posted a million pictures of our trip to Zoo Boo. But we did have an awesome Halloween night, trick or treating with Eric's mom. She had pizza from our favorite place in his hometown & even though we went out to a few houses on her street, Ella was perfectly content to help her Grammy pass out candy on the porch! This is my favorite picture from the night... 

Favorite #2: 

Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to do a whole Halloween recap and I'm not. But this next picture is just too cute not to share... 

I absolutely love that Ella has the best day care in the world. She truly loves Miss Jennie. We walk in the door & her BFF Addy runs right up to her and hugs her. I mean how cute is that? Last Friday, we had to take a picture of them in their Halloween outfits, which I'm glad we did because their costume picture, while absolutely hysterical, wasn't exactly frame worthy this year! 

I find it absolutely hysterical that none of them are smiling... 

Favorite #3: 

I've been loving my fall nails! I wore this dark blue for Sectionals & just loved that it came out with a matte finish. Then once I took that off, I didn't go back to my standard unpainted nails, but put a nude polish on them. Maybe having painted nails will be my new thing... 

Favorite #4: 

I really wish that I could have fresh flowers in my house all of the time. I was lucky enough to receive a bouquet twice this cheer season & I've loved having them around the house. This bouquet was the Varsity team after Sectionals. It was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I put it in my Farmhouse Pitcher from Pottery Barn then made it a part of my fall table. I just love it! 

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