Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Things Party - Stocking Stuffer Edition

Today I am linking up with Andrea & Erika for their Favorite Things Party! I love this link up because everything featured has to be under $10 & that fits everyone's budget. Normally, there isn't a theme, but today, I'm making my own - stocking stuffers for every girl on your list. 

Idea #1 - Mentha Lip Balm

This is my absolute favorite lip balm & it has been for years now. I love the minty taste & how it leaves my lips feeling. I'm not a gloss girl, but they have glosses too. 

Idea #2 - OPI Nail Polish

I know that we all have our favorite brand of nailpolish. Mine is OPI. This color - Cajun Shrimp - is my absolute favorite too. I've gone through multiple bottles over the years & can never have enough. 

Idea #3 - Bamboo Tongs

You might be laughing over this one, I know I was confused when I first got them as a gift, bu they're amazing. I use mine all of the time & would be stoked to get another set. These bamboo tongs are perfect for fishing things out of the toaster & just as perfect for turning chicken nuggets in the convection oven. 

Idea #4 - Fuzzy Socks

I've never met a woman who doesn't love fuzzy socks. Even the chicest fashionistas love a good fuzzy sock underneath their over the knee boots. They simply can't be beat. These ones from Old Navy come in at only $5 too! 

Idea #5 - Starbucks Gift Card 

Not everyone likes to give gift cards, but personally, I always love to receive them, so I never mind giving them. Starbucks is one of my go-tos because I know that a lot of people see Starbucks as a special treat, not as something they drive thru & get every morning. 


  1. You can never go wrong with Cajun Shrimp!

  2. Yes to it all! Now can you tell my husband to make sure it is all in my stocking ;)