Monday, October 27, 2014

Zoo Boo 2014

This weekend was a fall extravaganza at our house! I'm going to break it into chunks, because I think the post would take an hour to load if I did it all at once... so let's start with Zoo Boo! 

My parents arrived on Saturday morning, and since we had glorious weather in the mid-60's, we decided to head to the zoo for Zoo Boo. This was our first time going, it rained on the day we tried to go last year, and Ella was so excited! 

We live within walking distance of the zoo, so we loaded up the wagon & were off! I had been very nervous that Ella wouldn't want to put on her costume, but I think she was in the mood to show off, which meant some seriously cute photos. 

My sister was in a wedding the night before, but didn't want to miss out, so she powered through Zoo Boo on 4 hours of sleep. #trooper 

Her little tail sticking out the wagon was just too stinkin cute... 

We ran into Ella's boyfriend Keith! He was supposed to be a gorilla, but he hated his costume. Luckily, his mom managed to wrangle him into a Woody costume instead! 

And by the end of it all, she needed a cat nap... 

Does your zoo have a trick or treating event? I feel like my IG & FB were full of them this weekend!

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