Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's On My Feet?

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to talk about shoes! When I was younger, I didn't understand the female obsession with shoes. As I've gotten older, I totally get it. As in I have at least 30 pairs in my closet get it (but in my defense, a lot of those are sandals!) 

Since it's fall, I'm basically rotating through my boots & pulling out my leopard flats whenever it's warm enough. People, let me tell you, I will be so sad when there is snow on the ground & I can't wear my leopard flats. I am obsessed with them. Best part - $8 on Poshmark! What the what?? I know! They may be the most practical footwear purchase I've ever made in my life. 

scarf - Crystal Feather Boutique // shirt - Target // jeans - J.Crew
bag - Michael Kors // flats - Steve Madden // watch - Coach 

So like I said, I'm wearing my leopard flats whenever I get the chance, but this is New York & sometimes a girl just needs to wear a pair of socks. That's when my boots come out. Today, I'm wearing my grey, ankle zip booties from American Eagle (last year). I love that they're so versatile. I've worn them with jeans, dress pants, and even dresses. The heel height is perfect & you can wear grey with just about everything... 

my view of my shoes right now...
And here's a shot of the boots with today's outfit....
sweater - LOFT // jeans - Old Navy // necklace - Nordstrom // boots - American Eagle

My other favorite boots are my knee high (not over the knee) riding boots. Another steal, I got them from Francesca's two years ago for $40. They have gotten a workout over the years - New York winters are no joke - but they're still in amazing condition. I especially love the the zipper in back is a red/orange & adds just a little something every time I wear them. 

in a skirt...

And since the snow will be here before we know it... I should tell you about my colorblock Hunter boots. I wear them with fleece inserts & they keep me so warm. I've been wearing them to football games all fall long, but they work great on snowdays too. If you don't own a pair of Hunters, you need to get on that - ASAP! 

looking super stylish in my Hunters at a very rainy football game this season


  1. I really want a pair of Hunters but not sure on the color yet!

  2. THAT SCARF!! I know this was about shoes, but I keep going back to that scarf. Beautiful stuff!