Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To Train or Not to Train... That is the Question

Before you get excited. No, I'm not getting ready to train for a race. Just not there right now. I'm too busy & a training plan would push me over the edge...

I'm talking about training Miss Ella... as in potty training. #dundundun People - I am so scared to do this! I have heard story after story about what a nightmare I was to potty train & I'm afraid Ella will follow right in my footsteps. But... I think it might be time to bite the bullet.

she's always had in interest in all things toilet...
Thankfully, Pull Ups has just opened enrollment in their Big Kid Academy! If you decide to enroll, you’ll get a personalized “My Pull-Ups®” page with potty training activities and advice customized to your point in the potty training journey. I'm super excited about this, because Ella has been really motivated by her sticker chart for naptime at Miss Jennie's & I think that the activities will get her excited about it! 

The Big Kid Academy also has a world-class library of potty training tips and advice from parenting experts, medical professionals and our brightest alumni: parents who have been there. Subjects include:
  • How to talk to day care providers about potty training - I think I have this one covered. Miss Jennie is known to be a rock-star potty trainer. 
  • Solutions for nighttime - Yeah, I'm nervous about this...
  • Potty training on the go - Nervous about this too! We are on the go all of the time. I'm worried that she'll have accidents at practice because one of us will get distracted. 
  • The best clothing for potty training - Any excuse to shop people! 
My favorite part of the program is the Potty Timer on the app. It helps you to set reminders to check in on our kid at regular intervals. Ella & I get easily distracted, so this will be really helpful for us! And she loves absolutely everything on my phone, so I know she'll get into the charts & games too! Added bonus... Pull-Ups now has Doc McStuffins designs! Ella loves her some Doc, so I'm hoping it will make this just a little more fun for her!

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on our progress... I'm going to go for it right after my fall season ends. That will give me three full weeks to focus on her & helping her adjust. Hopefully we have good news to share soon! 

If you have any tips, be sure to leave them in the comments! 

Full Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pull Ups

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