Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Travel Bucket List

One of Eric & my greatest goals in life is to travel. Both of us have only left the U.S. once, on a trip to Mexico that nearly scarred us for life. (I just realized that's a huge lie... we live two hours from Canada - we go "abroad" all the time... it just doesn't feel like it.) When we got married, we agreed that we truly wanted to make traveling a priority for our family. We want to take our kids to see places & experience new things. If that means we drive our cars until they're absolutely dead, we're o.k. with that. We want to experience things, not just have things. 

The problem is, Eric & I have very different travel related priorities. His tend to revolve around sports & big events, like the World Cup, while mine tend to be centered more around beaches & Disney. That said, we've been working to prioritize these experiences & come up with a list of vacations that we want to take as a family. We know that not all of them may be possible. Some may take us years to accomplish, but we're sure as hell going to give it a shot. 

  1. Disney Cruise

    I love all things Disney & from the day they launched their cruise line, I've been begging my parents to go. I've watched the documentaries about all the ships on The Travel Channel & am just blown away by all their is to do on those ships! But since all that fun comes with a hefty price tag (I truly just priced it - over $5,000 without flights), this one is probably going to wait awhile.
  2. Hawaii

    This is #1 on the list for a reason. I'm dead set on going. Ultimately, I want to stay at Disney's Aluani Resort, but honestly, I'll take any Hawaii I can get! My parents are going this summer for their anniversary & Eric keeps joking that I'll probably end up getting to go because they'll want to take Ella, but I'm not getting my hopes up... but if you're reading this mom, I'd definitely say yes!

  3. Alaskan Cruise
    Alaska absolutely amazes me. I feel like it's the closest to a frontier
     that I'll ever be able to see. I may have unrealistic expectations thanks to The Proposal, but I'd truly love to go & take it in.

  4. San Diego

    My husband is actually on a flight to San Diego as I write this & I hate him for it. I am DYING to go to Southern California! Eric's college roommate just happens to live there & he found an amazing deal on his flight... so he is officially dipping his toes in the Pacific without me. I couldn't tell him no, but I will be going to the zoo soon!

  5. The Olympics 

    We've agreed that we'd prefer to go to the Olympics in the U.S. or Canada, for safety reasons, but we'd be open to other countries if we felt they had it together. (ie - We're never going to Russia or the Middle East.) Ella was born during the Olympic ceremonies, which makes it kind of a big deal to me. I'd love to take her to experience the Olympic spirit. Not to mention, my husband is one of the most patriotic people I know. So, every time the U.S. bids on the games, I keep my fingers crossed!

  6. The Jungle 

    I have a few friends who have been to Costa Rica & Belize. Everyone has loved it! One friends even river rafted through caverns. That just sounds amazing...

  7. Europe

    So... Europe is another broad title. We can't really agree on exactly where we want to focus. I'd prefer the Mediterranean so that I can visit the ruins of Greece & Italy. Eric would prefer Ireland because beer. I'd also love to see the Eiffel Tower & London. So... we'll see. The lifesaver here may be if the Olympics goes to one of these locations & seals the deal, allowing us to kill two birds with one stone.  

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