Monday, October 6, 2014

Insta Lately...

Hey lovelies... it's still a whirlwind around my house. I'm going to be treading water for the next week, just keeping my head above water will be a challenge. That said, not all of the craziness is bad! I've had so many wonderful things happening to me & I'm a lot better about sharing them on Instagram than I am here, so I thought I'd take a moment to share the happiness with you all on what is a very gloomy Monday here in Rochester! 

Last Wednesday, we had to go to a competition & Ella got to ride the bus with us! She was so flippin' excited! She buckled her seatbelt & sat like a big girl. The Varsity girls made a big fuss over her, which made her love it even more...

On Friday night, I was done WAY early with practices because of Homecoming. So... I got to go out for BBQ with these two cuties. Ella ate the place out of mac & cheese while I basically ate a huge plate of meat for dinner. It was glorious. 

I got up early with Miss Ella Saturday morning so that I could spend some time with her before I headed to the parade. I made her bacon & eggs. When I handed her the plate I told her, "I love you." And she replied, "Love Bacon!" I couldn't agree more... 

Team #1 - My Freshman Girls 

Team #2 - a few of my Varsity girls 

Spa Day for my sister's Bachelorette Party - seriously, just what I needed in my life

And even though this gem didn't make Instagram, I just had to share it. I loved that bike! 

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