Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I Wore - Back to School

Yesterday was my first day back to school for the year! Even though the kids didn't arrive until today, I still count it as the first day of school at our house, mainly because it's the start of getting back into my daily routine of dropping Ella off, going to work, picking Ella up, and heading to practice. We left the house at 6:30 & pulled in the driveway again at 7:15 - so we had a long day. The good news is, we made it - and I know that once we're adjusted we'll be able to roll with this crazy routine for the fall. But if I ever mention coaching two teams again, refer me to a psychiatrist ASAP! 
dress - J.Crew Factory // sandals - Forever 21 // necklace - // bracelets - Alex & Ani
I've never been a fan of shift dresses, but I decided to take the plunge with this one! It was super comfy & basically felt like I was wearing a necklace with my nightgown - perfect for a day of meetings. Also, I was so glad that I wore sleeves, because unlike today when my classroom is ninety degrees, yesterday I was in & out of air conditioning all day long, and while everyone else was shivering, I was comfy. 

our annual back to school picture