Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Weekend


  • Like I said on Friday, I was really excited for our first football game of the season. It was  a gorgeous night, perfect for sitting on the sideline. The game got off to a great start too... we weren't winning, but we rarely are. The cheerleaders on the other hand looked awesome :) But then with 2 minutes left in the first half, we got hit with a lightening delay. No big deal... we decided to go to our cheer gym & practice until we got the word to head back out. But that never happened... two hours later our game got totally canceled & rescheduled for Sunday at 2. Seriously. Sunday at 2. In the middle of the first game of the Bills season. #ugh  


  • After getting home at 10:30 on Friday night, I had to be back at the gym by 8 for Freshman practice. It was our first official practice as a team because I had just made cuts the night before. They were so sweet & quiet. I know it won't be like that today... they're 7th & 8th grade girls - but it was nice while it lasted & just what I needed after a long night. We got a lot done & then I went to hand out our brand spanking new uniforms - that are too small. For reference, this is one of the uniforms on Ella - who wears a 2T. So I have to deal with that today... 

  • Once I got home from practice, I was able to do a little houseworkk, did a little baking, & even fit in a nap with Ella before we headed out to eat dinner with Eric's dad & step-mom. They chose Buffalo Wild Wings, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I made the best of it by stuffing my face with all the fried foods. side note: Eric has just informed me that I probably ate less than anyone else at the table, including our daughter... but I felt like a hippo after. Either way, he gets bonus points for saying it :) 

  • Last item on our Saturday to-do list was grocery shopping. Do you know how much easier it is to shop when you have your husband with you? So. Much. Easier. I swear it took half the time & we were home in time to watch Notre Dame whoop on Michigan! And I was asleep by 8:30. #wildthang


  • Ella woke up at 5 a.m. There was no getting her back to sleep, so I decided to just get up & make the best of it... which included Pumpkin Spice Waffles. 

  • So like I mentioned... I had a game to go to on Sunday afternoon. It really messed up my previous plans of laying on the couch & doing nothing all day too. Luckily, it turned out to be sunny & 75, so I didn't mind sitting outside while we played the second half of the game. The crowd was MUCH smaller & even our athletic director was less than thrilled to be working on the Sunday after a very busy first week of school, but we made it happen. 
  • I got home & crept around the house, waiting for the Bills game to be over before I talked to my husband. I didn't want to upset the hornet's nest... and of course that game went into overtime. 
  • Later that night, my sister & Matt came over to grill pizzas and eat chicken wing dip while we watched the 4 o'clock games on our free Sunday Ticket (Thanks DirecTV). Britt's birthday was on Friday, so we got real fancy & had these ice cream sundaes too. #thatswhatyougetafterthefirstweekofschool 
  • And the rest of the night was spent prepping for the week. I forgot how much time it takes to pack her daycare bag, pack my gym bag, reload all of my school stuff, and pack lunches on Sunday night. Thank God I didn't try to save it for this morning... 
Happy Monday! 

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