Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fitness Update

So I mentioned yesterday that I hadn't run in two weeks. Not due to injury. Not due to weather conditions. I wasn't on vacation. It all boils down to chaos. Pure & utter chaos that permeates my life right now. If I could go back in time & reverse my decision to coach two teams, I absolutely would. It hasn't been good for my family & it hasn't benefited my health either. That said... I've lost 4 pounds since the start of the school year. 

I came back from vacation at 129.5 pounds. The week after vacation, I ate like a race horse, but stayed at 130 thanks to exercise. Once school starts though, I pack my lunch & plan ahead. This has made all of the difference for me. I don't have things to snack on throughout the day, instead I drink water from our buildings awesome filtered drinking fountain that fills bottles. (I really wish we'd had these in school!) I'm not tracking my calories, but I'd guess that I'm hovering around 1,500 - which is my normal. Eric is being super helpful & having dinner ready for me when I get home at night too. Without him, I'd be eating dinosaur chicken nuggets over salad every night. 

As far as exercise goes, I'm on my feet teaching then head to the gym for another 4 hours. I'm up, down, & moving around all day long. I even have my laptop stationed at my classroom counter so I'm not sitting for too long. Quite simply - I'm active. It's not that I wasn't active when I was home with Ella all summer, but I definitely spent more time in the recliner or playing on the floor than I do now. I've also been doing short at home workouts to keep my arms, legs, & abs toned. Somedays I pack clothes to condition on the mat with the team too - but that's only once or twice a week at most. 

I have been stepping on the scale every day, which I normally preach against, but I need that accountability right now. I need to know that what I'm doing is working so that I have the willpower to keep it up. In the past I've resorted to stress eating, but I refuse to let that happen this time around. I have less than a month left of coaching two teams... I know that as long as I keep up my healthy eating & stay active I'll come out on top through all this. 

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