Monday, September 29, 2014

Any Given Sunday...

Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week. I rarely have anything scheduled for my Sundays, and even if I do, it's usually pretty low key. Sundays are my day to spend with Ella, relax, be a wife, clean up the house a bit, maybe even do some cooking. This Sunday, was a near perfect Sunday...

6:30 - Ella wakes us up. She comes in & climbs up into our bed. (We have drawers underneath our bed, so she treats it like a climbing wall and scales it daily.) We snuggle, then she starts demanding breakfast. Eric sweetly agrees to take her downstairs & let me snooze a bit longer. #browniepoints 

7:15 - I get up & head down to join the rest of my crew. We have bacon in the fridge, left over from our burgers the night before. I immediately bake that in the over (baking bacon has changed our lives) & start to scramble a bunch of eggs. Eric has already fed Ella, but she decides to share my breakfast too. #sharingiscaring 

8:00 - Ella & I head out for a walk. It's absolutely gorgeous & we decide to take the path that runs along the zoo border instead of our normal route. I was hoping to just see some squirrels & leaves - but we ended up seeing elephants! 

They were out for their morning exercise too. Ella was so excited! The trainers were super nice & let us walk along with them (on our side of the fence of course) - they also let us know when they do it daily so that we can come visit again! 

9:00 - We stopped to let my best friend's dogs out. Ella had to give Riley a treat. 

9:15 - We get home & change outfits to go grocery shopping. I probably should have showered at this point, but I didn't. We head to Wegmans & pick up all of our supplies for homemade chicken soup. 

10:00 - We finish up at Wegmans & make a quick stop at Dunkin' on the way home. 

10:30 - I'm in the kitchen making soup! Ella is playing in the yard with her daddy. 

11:15 - We all sit down & eat lunch together. Our big meal is usually lunch on Sundays, so soup & garlic bread it is. Ella told me my soup was "MMMM, Yummy." So I must've done alright. Eric didn't complain, so that's a good sign too. 

12:00 - We head outside to do some more running around before nap time. Ella played some soccer & we did some chalking. I'm really going to be sad when we can't pop out into the backyard all the time this winter.

12:45 - Nap time for Miss Ella. Football time for Mommy & Daddy. 

1:00 - Go Bills! 

1:30 - The Bills aren't doing so well, so I chat with my sister on the phone as she's driving back from my parent's house in Saratoga. We go over a bunch of wedding/shower/bachelorette details... which results in a to-do list for me. 

2:00 - Time to work on said t0-do list... which is a ton of fun. I'm completely in charge of my sister's shower & cannot wait for it! I've started getting RSVP's & I have all of the decorations ordered! Time to think finishing touches now... 

3:30 - Miss Ella wakes up & she's hungry. Snack time. 

4:00 - We FaceTime with my parents & she's a total ham as always. Mom & I go over more wedding/shower details. Thus, resulting in more items on my to-do list. We also go over logistics for the upcoming weekends, since they'll be coming into town to help out for competition season. 

5:00 - We decide to have chicken nuggets for dinner & I continue on with my mission to finish laundry and picking up... both of which are never ending tasks. 

6:30 - Bath time for Miss Ella, followed by PJs & some stories. She doesn't actually go to bed until about 8, but she takes awhile to wind down. 

8:00 - Ella is up in bed & I prep for the week in the kitchen. Breakfasts, lunches, & snacks are packed while I jam to some Justin in the kitchen. 

9:00 - In bed, reading... 

9:45 - I'm passed out. 

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