Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What We've Been Up To...

Let me just start by saying Thank God I am not going back to work today! Seeing so many of my blog friends heading back to their classrooms today makes me happy that I work in New York for once... of course I wasn't singing the same tune when I was still working after Memorial Day. 

I already told you guys that I spent Saturday fulfilling my MOH duties, but what I didn't share is that my parents came back to Rochester with us Saturday night to spend some time with Miss Ella! We absolutely love when they're here, so Ella was pumped when she woke up from her nap Saturday afternoon & saw her Gramps! 

The men were busy golfing Sunday, so us ladies headed to Park Ave Festival! This happens to be the last of Rochester's summer festival line up & it's one of our faves. I bought Miss Ella some adorable hair bows from a local vendor, which she graciously modeled for you all... 

shirt - Gymboree // shorts - Gap // sandals - Gap

And my mom & sister bought new hand woven beach bags for our upcoming trip to Myrtle. 

We had planned to go out to eat with some of our family friends after the festival too, but Ella just wasn't up to it, so we ended up chilling out at home instead. 

she insists on holding my mom's hand, even when she's in her stroller

Yesterday, we continued on with our chilling, because homegirl just wasn't 100%. Which was just perfect {sarcasm} since we had her 2 year appointment in the afternoon. Everything looked perfect & she took her shots like a champ! A prick in each arm & she barely batted an eye! 
totally obsessed with her bandaid
Other than said appointment & a quick stop at Wegmans, we spent the rest of the night at home. We grilled dinner & went for a family walk - which is basically our summer routine. I'll really miss it when we're back to school & I'm coaching until 7 p.m. every night. 

Like I said, I'm just soaking it all in & staying grateful that I'm not back in my classroom quite yet. But... I will be in professional development later this week - a reminder that my own days are limited too... 

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