Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild Hair

I get a ton of comments on my naturally curly hair. Everyone from my co-workers to my hair dresser seems to envy it. Me? Not so much. It looks deceivingly low maintenance - which it it's not. This winter I did a post on taming my naturally curly hair, but it's an entirely different beast in the summer.  I usually end up throwing it into a top knot because it just gets so big & hot. Top knots leave my hair in serious tangles though & the chlorine doesn't help matters either, so yesterday I headed to LUSH to find a solution. 

I don't shop at LUSH very often, because it's pretty pricey in my opinion. However, they do give out free samples of all their products & have killer customer service. I spent 15 minutes explaining my hair to not one, but two helpful ladies (perks of going to the mall on a Monday morning) who had tons of suggestions. 

Suggestion #1 - Curly Wurly 


This shampoo is specifically made for ladies with curly hair. It is as moisturizing as they come, so it fights off frizz. Added bonus - it smells like coconut! 

Suggestion #2 - Retread


Retread is a conditioner that is meant to treat dry, frizzy hair. That's the story of my hair's life all summer long. I'm not completely sold on the smell though, so I took a sample of this one & am going to see how I like it. If it does what they say it does, I may just have to suck it up. 

Suggestion #3 - R&B


R&B is a hair treatment - meaning you don't use it every day. They were very specific about that. Instead, I'm just supposed to use a dime sized drop on my ends every three to four days. They actually put some of this in my hair in the store & I'm already in love with it. It's pretty pricey, so I just took home a sample. However, based on what the sales girls told me, that sample should last me almost two months! 

Suggestion #4 - American Cream Conditioner 


This one was actually my idea. It just smells awesome & they told me it goes awesome with the coconut in Big Curly Hair. Basically, my hair should smell like a strawberry, coconut, vanilla smoothie. I bought the small bottle & am looking forward to smelling myself all day long. 

And I didn't know this until I was putting together this post, but they do tutorials on the website on how to use each product for optimum results. That's perfect for people like me who usually just wing it! 

*I was not compensated by LUSH for this post. I'm just looking for something to try & thought I'd share with everyone.*

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