Monday, July 14, 2014

So... Are You Still Working Out?

Yes. I am still working out. I'm just not really talking about it all that much. It's pretty routine at this point, just a part of my day to day. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I do intervals. I'm kind of just going with the flow. I'm happy with my body, I'm happy with my health, I'm happy in general. So why should I stress about it? 

As for my eating, that I've cleaned up a bit since being home for the summer. It's so much easier to be healthy when I'm in my own kitchen & not in my classroom. I've been really cutting back on carbs & processed foods - which are my two pitfalls for sure. It's making a big difference in how I feel, which is why I'm sticking with it. I can finally feel some of the stubborn belly fat coming off too, which is huge for me.

I've also started doing this ab workout & this inner thigh workout pretty regularly, both of which are making a huge difference! 

a very honest look at me in a bikini... and the mess inside my closet ;)
Sorry it's not a more life-changing, mind-blowing update - but it's the truth! 

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