Thursday, July 10, 2014

Living a Teenage Dream...

If you think way back to Christmas, you may remember that my husband bought me concert tickets. And not just any concert tickets, tickets to see this man. As in the sexiest man ever. As in the teenage love of my life. I almost died when I opened them. 

And then in February, the concert got cancelled because Justin was sick. Then, because of the Sabres schedule & his impending trip to Europe, it got moved to July. July 9th to be exact. As in last night... 

And there are no words to explain how amazing this man was in concert. He took every single expectation I had & blew it up. He is an out of this world performer, going for 3 hours with a 10 minute intermission. Honestly, I thought the concert was over at intermission & was going to be completely satisfied. Then, he came back & blew. my. mind. 

And let me tell you about my seats... Eric went all out on these. I was 34 rows back, but could see everything without even standing on my tippy toes. And THEN the stage moved over top of all the people in floor seats & he ended up less than twenty feet away from me! I almost died. 

not zoomed in... I was dying
I feel like I'm just rambling... but oh my God. I cannot thank my husband enough for this! 

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