Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adults Only...

Yesterday we headed packed the car & headed out to tailgate! Not football tailgating, which I do love, but concert tailgating - which is my favorite. We had tickets to see Florida Georgia Line & Jason Aldean, so it was a very country crowd. Let me rephrase - I've never seen more rednecks in one place at one time in my life - which is saying a lot considering where I grew up. I loved it! Best people watching ever! I really wanted to sneak pics & do a post - but that just felt too intrusive, so I didn't. 

this pic was taken right when we got there at 2 - the whole lot behind me was a zoo within the hour
We went to the concert with my sister & Matt, then met up with tons of people we knew to play games & do some grilling. It was a gorgeous day, so we got our tan on & tipped a few back. Well, everyone except me - I was driving. I couldn't even stomach the thought of camping again... 

My always patriotic & ever entertaining husband was in rare form, especially when we met up with his old roommates from college. The man loves America. 

We grilled up burgers & dogs, but I'm telling you our spread was a joke compared to the people around us. People had some serious set ups. The people two trucks over from us put plastic in the back of their trucks & filled it with water to make a pool! Apparently this is known as a redneck hot tub? I was blown away... 

Matt & Eric firing up our (tiny) grill

And while we partied, Ella was at her grandma & grandpa's for a girls weekend with her cousin Ophelia! They went to the park, a grad party, and broke in Ella's new play house! I'd feel guilty about leaving her if she wasn't so darn happy about it! 

And now we're all back at home - recharging our batteries if you will. It was a totally low key Sunday & I'm feeling energized for the weekend. Ella & I have some big plans, but more about that tomorrow! 

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