Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sundresses, Rompers, & Sandals... Oh My!

toddler sandals

Today I'm starting a new series on my blog - Toddler Tuesday! Basically, I've decided that shopping for Miss Ella is just as fun & rewarding as shopping for myself. In fact, I probably spend more time shopping for her than I do for myself these days! I find so much cute stuff & I couldn't possibly keep it to myself, so this will be my forum to share it. The plan is to have some of my friends guest post as well & I'll be featuring some of boys clothes too - because I shop for my nephews pretty often too. 

Today is all about Ella's summer wardrobe - sandals, sundresses, and rompers. I love to put them on her because it makes her look just a little dressed up, but I still know she's comfy. This was our strategy last summer too & it worked well for us. She was one happy peanut!

the day she learned to walk last summer! 

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