Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Weekend Can Be Summed Up in Three Words...

Most weekends, it would be impossible for me to sum up our weekend in less than 100 words. But, this weekend can be compressed into 3 - shopping, golf, and soccer. 

1 - Shopping 

I told you on Friday that my mom is in town & that of course means shopping! I didn't have much on my own personal shopping agenda, but my sister was looking for sundresses & my mom was looking to spend a bunch of cash on her grandbaby. They both succeeded.  My mom was feeling extra generous too & even bought my sister & I a present! I got a new piece of swimwear from Athleta that I'll be wearing shortly! There's a hint in that sentence, but I don't want to spoil the surprise! 

She is getting WAY too grown up!
She insisted on going to the counter & ordering with my mom and Aunt Britt! 

She kept taking my mom into dressing rooms so that they could sit together :) 
2 - Golf

two of our long-time friends & Miss Ella
Saturday was an early wake up call. We were on the road to Eric's hometown by 6:15 so that he could golf in a tournament that honors one of our dear friends who lost his life in Afghanistan. This is the 5th year they've held the tournament, but it never gets any easier to realize that Zack isn't going to show up & start cracking jokes. We know he'd want us all to have a good time though, so that's what we do! 

Eric plays with the same team every year - it's a group of guys that he went to high school with & is still very close to, even though we're grown ups now. I always love the tournament because it's really one of the few times that we all get together without a holiday to celebrate. And while I didn't realize it until we got there, Saturday was one of the first times that the boys have really hung out with Ella! Normally, Ella & I are off doing girly things while Eric hangs out or she's at her Grammy's while we're all out for the night. They were totally smitten with her! They kept giving me their phones to take pictures with her & kept asking Eric if she could come along with them for the next couple of holes. It was SO cute. I think the only people who loved it more than I did was the boys' moms who were cooing over the whole thing on Facebook the next day... 

teaching Ella a thing or two about putting...
all of which I learned from watching Michael Phelps on the Hank Haney Project

Miss Ella brought along her own clubs & played on the putting green for hours! I think we might have a future golfer on our hands... which would make my dad the happiest man in the world. 

Miss Ella & her daddy...
The real highlight of the weekend was getting to play with my mother in law's new Cannon DSLR camera. I want one of my own... badly. I had so much fun taking the photos & then editing them later. I've already warned my mother in law that I might just steal hers :) 

Ella is big into fist bumps right now & the boys were loving it! 

3 - Soccer 

all dressed for the big game... most of which she slept through
My husband is a HUGE U.S. Soccer fan. He's a member of the American Outlaws & has road tripped to several of the games leading up to this year's World Cup. He begged & pleaded to go to Brazil... but there was no way in hell that I was going to pay $5000 for him to go to Brazil without me. So instead, we're in America watching the games from the comfort of our own home. Everyone was all decked out in red, white, and blue... despite the fact that it was just the three of us in our living room. The game was noisy & Ella probably learned a few words that she shouldn't have. Eric was incredibly disappointed by the tie... treating it as if they'd lost. Now, I agree that the last minute goal by Portugal was heartbreaking, but I'm more of a glass half full kind of girl. We tied with the 4th ranked team in the world! That's huge for U.S. soccer!! Next up, we take on Germany - which in case you don't know is the country where our own U.S. coach played & won a World Cup in the 90's. It's a big deal. That's code for Eric is taking a half day to watch it live... men

even our dog gets in on the action

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