Saturday, June 28, 2014

On the Go

I'm blogging from my phone to pop in & share what a fab day we had! We're all in Saratoga at my parents house & loving this gorgeous weather! This morning the entire house was up by 7 am - thanks Ella - and all of us girls were out getting 3 miles in before 7:30. I'm not sure if the cardio was necessary though because we spent the rest of the day on the go! 

The guys had an 8:30 tee time, so us ladies got ready & headed out shopping! We were on a mission to find Ella a new, big girl stroller - which we accomplished! 

We bought the Uppababy G-Lite stroller & so far, I'm in love. It's so light & I love that she sits right up & can see everything that's going on. 

We hit up the mall too, but didn't buy all that much since we were just there last weekend. It was a quick trip & then we were back to meet up with the guys so we could take Ella to a small amusement park. 

The girl absolutely loves rides! She rode everything she was allowed to & then rode some again. I can't wait to take her to Disney again! 

We only lasted a couple hours at the park before we were ready to go home & clean up for dinner on Broadway. We ate at a brewpub named Druthers & the food was fantastic. I hat white sangria that was good but I've had better. Everyone said their beer was amazing though! 

Hoping tomorrow is as amazing as today was!