Monday, June 2, 2014

My Kind of Weekend

I hate to brag, but my weekend was kind of amazing. It involved my favorite people, food, shopping, and laying in the sun. Seriously, you can't beat that. 

My birthday is technically next weekend, but I'll be at my parents' house in the country for it. So, we decided to do all of my fun birthday partying this weekend. 

We started off the weekend with a low key Friday night involving grilled pizzas (info on that ingenious idea coming soon!) and peanut butter sundae cups. OMG it was good. My sister came over & played with Ella too, so I got to relax on the couch & actually use my own iPad instead of engaging in a fist fight over it with Ella. 

Saturday was busy, busy - but so jam packed with things that I loved that I didn't even care! My sister picked up Ella & I and we headed off for a Girl's Day! She was sweet enough to let me pick out my own birthday presents, because she totally understand that the greatest gift anyone could ever give me is a shopping trip. I live for the thrill of the hunt... 

with my shopping partner at Home Goods

We recently got a Home Goods store in our neck of the woods. I honestly didn't know that, but my sister did & it was our first stop. OMG I am in love with that place! I ended up walking out with some really cute beach towels and a new tote for Ella's toys, but I could have done a lot more damage if I'd had the money! 

We followed up Home Goods with a trip to one of my absolute favorite restaurants - Olive Garden! Now I know that OG isn't even close to authentic, but it was my favorite as a kid & it's comfort food for me. I could eat their breadsticks for days & I adore their chicken alfredo. So that's where we went. They're running a special where you get two entrees with salad & breadsticks, plus a dessert to share for $25 - so that's what we ordered & I unexpectedly had cheesecake with my lunch too! 

We headed into the mall after lunch & walked off all of our calories. (OK, definitely not all, but some.) Ella turned Pottery Barn Kids into her own personal playroom. I thought we were going to have to carry her out kicking & screaming. Luckily, her Aunt Britt was able to distract her. We did a lot of shopping at Gap & some of our favorite department stores. 

I am obsessed with this bag below & it would've gone perfectly with my outfit... but I figured Von Maur would have a problem with me stealing it. So I left it behind... 

We ended our trip by hitting up Target for more practical purchases, like laundry detergent & sprinklers. Then headed home so I could rest up for an evening out with my work friends! They were sweet enough to take me out to The Gate House for dinner, which is another of my favorite restaurants. Seriously, just typing the name of that place makes me drool. It is so good. We stayed out too late - mostly laughing at our own ridiculousness. Definitely the best way to celebrate my birthday. 

Sunday morning came far too early... and I knew that I needed to get up & get a little exercise. There was simply no avoiding it. After all, I'd had pasta & french fries the day before & was headed to a pool party that afternoon. Like I said, it had to be done. So, I got the whole family up and ready to do some cardio. Of course, cardio for Ella looks like this...

The rest of the day was spent at one of my best friend's pool! As you know from Thursday's post, I was super excited to spend my day poolside, but I didn't realize how excited Ella would be too! 

Eric spent a lot of time in the pool with her, while I spent a lot of time running around the yard with her. She was just so happy to be outside! I think we all needed the day more than we knew. 

And I'll throw this gem in too because it makes me happy! All snuggled up in her new beach towel! 


  1. Are those Sperry's you're wearing? I love how they look on you. I've tried them on SO many times and every time I feel like I look weird in them but they look great on you. I can't believe how grown up Ella looks in these pictures! Happy Monday!

  2. Really does look like an awesome weekend! lucky you :)

  3. Really does look like an awesome weekend! lucky you :)