Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! 

This week has flown by. Wednesday was our last day with kids & now we're in finals mode, which means they only come in from 8 to 10:15. That leaves me the rest of the day to get all of my end of year work done... and go out to lunch with friends. 

1 - Moving! 

I'm moving to a new classroom & I'm a little bit sad about it. I absolutely love my room I'm in right now. I had it all decorated & organized, now I'll be starting from scratch. I'm also leaving behind my massive wall of windows & my own personal bathroom. My new room is BIG but it doesn't have either of those things. To top it off, I'm trading rooms with an amazing teacher who also happens to be a hoarder, so to say that things are a cluttered mess in both rooms right now would be a massive understatements. And if you don't know... I can't stand a cluttered classroom. This is a snapshot of what my room looked like up until Tuesday... 

you'll notice that my shades are drawn... because elementary field day was happening & my kids were totally distracted

2 - Mama's Here

My mom is in town! She had to visit customers in Buffalo yesterday, so she stopped & stayed over in Rochester last night. I had a meeting for cheer, so she picked Ella up from daycare & took the rest of my family out to dinner. I was so sad that I missed out on dinner. The meeting took forever & a day, so I didn't make it home until 7:45. Luckily, she's visiting more customers in Rochester today & gets to stay another night! We're all headed to the mall after school to do some shopping & eat out - just us girls. I'm so glad she is here! 

3 - Speaking of Shopping... 

Loft is having 40% off everything right now! If you read my post on Monday, then you know that I'm in love with their rompers. I may or may not be purchasing another tonight... 

And J.Crew Factory is having 30% off too... 

4 - Photobook Obsessed

I'll be doing a whole post on this soon, but I have created 3 photobooks in the past week. It all started because of this post from Young House Love paired with a free photobook coupon from Shutterfly. Then it escalated from there as friends sent me their coupons & I may have gone a bit overboard. 

All three books should arrive by the end of next week & I cannot wait to add them to my bookshelf! We already had a bunch from our wedding & vacations, so these ones focused specifically on our life with Miss Ella will be the perfect addition. 

5 - Let's Get Down

Every year when the kids walk to their buses on the last day, we play music over the PA system & all of the teachers walk them out to the bus loop. As the buses pull away, we all wave goodbye to the kids. Then... it basically erupts into a big dance party as we celebrate the fact that we have 10 weeks off! This year, this song came on just as they were leaving. It was the perfect sendoff...

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  1. Good luck with your new classroom I'm sure you'll have it personalised in no time :)