Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Casual Summer Saturday

shorts - Gap // tank - LOFT // jacket - J.Crew
necklace - LOFT // sandals - Gap (old, but similar)
Yesterday, I spent a lot of time talking about my Saturday on the golf course. What I failed to talk about was my outfit. I learned a long time ago that the golf course is not the time to try and go high fashion. It never works. You just have keep it low key & layered. On Saturday it went from 55 & windy to 79 & sunny - I was so glad that I had my jacket with me, because unlike my friends, I was able to throw on something I brought instead of buying a $30 sweatshirt that I'll probably never wear again. Rookies. 

Speaking of that jacket... it's easily one of the best investment pieces I've made in a long time. I lusted over it in J.Crew for months before I finally found a sale price that I could get away with. I couldn't be happier with it. Unlike most military jackets, it isn't cotton. It's made of a heavier fabric that is rainproof & while it doesn't have a hood, it does stand up to the wind nicely. I've found myself layering it over sweaters on milder winter days & throwing it on with shorts on brisker summer mornings. If you're in the market, definitely keep it in mind! Oh... and as I was putting the links in this post I discovered it's on sale right now!