Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap


When I got out of work on Friday, I picked up Ella & we headed straight to Target. I just don't think that there is a better place to kick off your weekend... we picked up a bunch of "essentials" then headed home to have a fancy dinner. Now when I say fancy dinner, I really mean frozen pizza & boneless bites because let's face it, that was where Eric & I were at Friday night. We had no energy to go out because it was pouring & I wasn't about to actually cook. Luckily, my sister was completely on board with this plan & came over too. 

Excited to hear her Aunt Britt pulling in!

Saturday was a little more eventful than Friday, in that I went dress shopping for my sister's wedding! Technically, this was pre-dress shopping, because all of the bridesmaids are coming into town this upcoming Saturday to go together. But Britt & I wanted to make sure that we at least had an idea of what we wanted, so we scoped out a few local boutiques & came up with a few different options. I won't share any pics because I don't want to spoil the surprise. Actually, that's a lie... I'm not sharing pics because I need a tan, heels, and to lose 5 pounds before I'm seriously photographed in any gowns. 

After dress shopping we went & grabbed lunch at Chipotle. Then, I headed home to meet up with Eric & Ella. We were supposed to go to the mall & buy Eric some new clothes... but he blew that plan when he spent a fortune at Lowe's! Instead, he spent the afternoon in the lawn planting grass seed on all of the random spots that the previous owners left behind while I pulled up weeds & Ella chalked on the pavers. 

We ate dinner at home again & Ella passed out at 6:45. We're a really wild crew... 


I wasn't sure if Ella would sleep through the night when she went to bed so early, but she made it to 5:30, so I didn't complain too much. I just sucked it up & went to the couch, where she danced to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & I read my book. That's how we passed the time until Eric woke up & joined us for breakfast. 

typical Sunday morning at our house

We had big plans to go to the zoo first thing before the animals got hot or overwhelmed by all the people. We're zoo members (since we basically live across the street), so we get in a half hour early. I'm so glad we got there when we did... the animals were active because it was still in the mid-50's & it wasn't crowded so Ella could walk when she wanted to. 

making friends with the sea lions!

I don't know why this is so blurry... but I'm posting it anyway. 
We headed home in time for lunch & then went to get groceries for the week. I actually took the time to meal plan for the week & even did some baking. I think that I could be a really great house wife if I just had more time... 

Have a Great Week! 

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