Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ella's First Lilac Festival

One of my absolute favorite parts of living in Rochester is the festivals! Seriously, we love them here. There's Jazz Fest, Corn Hill, Park Ave Fest, East End... and of course the festival that kicks it all off - The Lilac Festival! 

We decided to take Ella to the festival for the first time on opening day. It was a gorgeous evening, but we got there early enough that it wasn't packed yet. We browsed the vendors (thank God Ella doesn't know how to beg for things yet), but we were mainly there for dinner. Eric had to have a gyro & I wanted a garbage plate, which I shared with Ella. And of course, fried dough... I needed to have some of that before we left! 

no lilacs in bloom yet... so we settled for magnolias

One part of the festival that we normally just walk right by is the kids rides, but not this year! With Ella in tow we ended up watched a children's magician and letting her ride a few of the rides. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect with the train. When we were at Disney, I rode everything with her. I couldn't ride this ride & was afraid she was going to freak out when I left, but she loved it! 

I think Ella's favorite part was our stop at the playground though. The girl loves a good park. She was all about the slide & swings! We had so much fun watching her run around, squealing & giggling. 

It was the perfect start to our Mother's Day weekend! Next up on our festival agenda, Corn Hill! 

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  1. I LOVE the lilac festival and miss it so much now that I don't live near Rochester. I would look forward to it every year, and think of it every time I see a lilac now! So glad you all got to go enjoy it a bit . . . even if they weren't in bloom yet :)