Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear April, Where Did You Go?

I feel like the month of April just flew by... I woke up yesterday, excited that it was payday, but also very confused at where the past thirty days had gone. I have this feeling that as Ella gets older, I'm going to feel this way more often, so I'm going to start recapping each month here on the blog. Because really, I do this for me, and possibly to embarrass the living hell out of Ella when she gets older. 

In April, we... 

  • Went to our first friends' birthday parties! 

  • Got out the sidewalk chalk... 
  • Met the Easter Bunny

  • Helped Aunt Britt move into her new house! 

  • Got crafty... 

  • Went to the zoo! 

  • Went to the Strong Museum of Play! 

  • Celebrated Easter! 

  • Set up Ella's big girl bed! 
I know Ella... I'm exhausted just reading that too! 

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