Friday, April 4, 2014

What Pinterest Can Teach You About Your Mother...

Awhile ago, I logged onto my Pinterest account from my mom's iPad. She doesn't have an account of her own, but she does have the app downloaded so that I can easily pull something up if I need to reference it. Well, apparently she got curious about how the whole thing works, because suddenly I had a new board on my screen. It is simply titled, "Mom."

She doesn't pin a lot, but everything she does pin, she just puts onto that board for future reference. I don't really care, it's not like she's going to pin anything inappropriate. But I do get a big kick out of looking through it from time to time. You can learn about what is going on in your mother's life from browsing through her pins. Let me explain...

Strawberry Lime Moscato Punch | Real Housemoms | Mmmmmmmm
pinned here
I always know what my mom is going to serve at our next family gathering based on her most recently pinned Sangria recipe. My mom is on a mission to find the perfect Sangria & Pinterest is fueling her fire. We've tried a ton of them, but nothing compares to the recipe she was served in a restaurant while on vacation last year. This one looks like a cross between Sangria and her other favorite indulgence - Margaritas. 

Pink bow around baby girl/ blue for boy by Cindy Louise
pinned here
Apparently she's ready for another grandbaby too. Maybe that's why she's going to liquor us up with Sangria...

I pretty much want this color...and this cut.  And I want to never have to work for it! :)
pinned here
I saw that she pinned this & was confused because my mom keeps her hair in a sophisticated bob. She's had it this way for years now. When I saw her that weekend, she announced to me that she was growing her hair out. And then it all made sense...

Fruit Pizza Sugar Cookie Dough
pinned here
My mom doesn't really bake. She loves bakeries, but doesn't enjoy making a mess in her kitchen. Thus, I'm willing to bet that she will ask me or my sister to make this for her in the near future. She has a habit of throwing recipes & ingredients out on the counter & asking my sister or I to make it happen. And we do, because we love her... 

love the colors of sweater and scarf
pinned here
And this is the pin where I realized we have the same fashion sense. My mom can actually afford our fashion sense though, so she actually buys a lot of the items she pins on Pinterest... and then I borrow them. But seriously, she has the best clothes & I'm never surprised when I'm scrolling through my home feed & repin an outfit from her board. Great minds...


  1. This is hilarious. My mom and stepmom both have pinterest and they both have boards called "For Nay" and they pin stuff on those boards that they think I would like. Sounds like you have a cool Mom!

  2. This is hilarious. Especially the bit about the sangria ;) Excellent detective skills there, Bri!