Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Weekend Recap... on Tuesday

Happy Monday Tuesday.... I came down with a stomach bug yesterday, so my weekend recap is a day late. Now that I'm feeling better, and drinking something other than Sprite, we can get to it... 

I got out of school on Friday afternoon & had all the energy in the world. So, I ran 4 miles & killed my abs. Surprisingly, I didn't pay for it the rest of the weekend like I thought I would either. My body is definitely adjusting to the training well. I came home all fired up & made a healthy dinner too, which Ella & I enjoyed. My hubs went to a March Madness party, leaving me home alone for the night (don't drink & drive people!), but before he left he kindly reminded me to lock up everything in the house because there was a robbery a few streets over the night before!! Who says that to their wife before she has to stay alone over night? Needless to say, I was freaking out. I wanted to vent about it on Twitter too, but then everyone would've known that I was home alone & I would've surely been murdered. Luckily, we survived... 

Ella woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, as she always seems to do on the weekends. It'd be great if the gym's daycare center opened before 8, because then I could get a sweat in before I have to get ready for other engagements. But without Eric at home & no daycare open, I had to suck it up & skip a workout. Our annual cheer banquet was at 10 & I had to get there to help set up.

The banquet was a huge success though, so that made up for the missed workout. It's kind of nice having it a while after the season has ended because it gives me time to actually miss them a little bit. They were so sweet & got me amazing coaching gifts. I got a new Alex & Ani bracelet, a Starbucks travel cup, and a very generous gift card to Disney (which I already had & used). They're such sweet girls & I'm really going to miss them. 

my lovely team all dressed up
one of my absolute favorites & Winter MVP
I came home & took a power nap (no sleep the night before, too scared) before our Hibachi date with my work friends. We had an amazing time. Eric drank a lot of Saki. I caught a rice ball in my mouth. Things got pretty loud, but no one seemed to care. It was the first time we've ever "double dated" with people from work, so I was glad that it was a success! I'm hoping we'll do it again soon...

On Sunday, I got my butt up & immediately started cleaning our mess of a house. I swear, it was the worst it's ever been. My suitcase from Florida was still half unpacked in the guest room, my laundry pile was a monster, and the floors hadn't been vacuumed since February Break. I had a lot to do. Eric & I decided to divide & conquer though, so I did the upstairs & he did the downstairs. It's amazing how much better you feel when your house is clean! 

After the cleaning frenzy, I headed to the gym to fit in a leg day. I ran 3 miles, lifted, and ended things with 30 minutes of spinning. I could barely walk by the time I left, but I felt awesome. 

Eric's whole family showed up around 2:30 for a family dinner. We have never hosted them all for a meal, so I was a little bit nervous. I kept it simple, serving pizza & tossed salad. Overall, I think it went well. To be honest, I probably could have served burnt hot dogs & they would have been happy just to see Ella. 

This week is another busy one for me. We started state testing this morning & while I won't go in depth on my opinions on it, I'll leave you with this... 

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