Friday, April 11, 2014

A Break in the Weather

I've spent the past two days in a secure conference room scoring state exams - not fun. So when I walked out an hour early yesterday, I was ecstatic that it was 68 & sunny. Sure it was a little windy, but I'm not about to get picky! I swung by to pick up Ella, ran a few quick errands, and was home by 3:15! 

Even though I had Ella in pants & a windbreaker, I was wearing shorts & a t-shirt. The weather was just gloriously sunny. We headed outside to work in our yard & I was able to snap these sweet pictures of Miss Ella. 

Ella is going to her grandma's for the weekend & I intend to be all sorts of productive! I have a ton of Easter Pinterest projects ready to go tonight & even more spring cleaning. Not to mention I've been recruited to help my sister clean & move into her new house tomorrow too. It's going to be busy, busy, busy! 

Have a Great Weekend!