Friday, March 21, 2014

The Rest of Our Florida Trip

As much as I was pumped up for the Disney portion of our trip, that was actually only one day of it. The rest of it was spent laying by the pool, shopping, and dining. I absolutely love my parents, so just getting to spend a few days of quality time with them was awesome. Ella is so obsessed with my dad that it melts my heart. I wish we could have stayed with them longer, but I'm pretty sure that we were exhausting them, so it's probably best that we left when we did! Here's a little recap of the rest of our trip... 

Friday - Eric picked me up from school, then we picked up Ella and my sister on our way to the airport. He deserves an award for this, as it was a total pain in his butt and he had to use his lunch hour, plus stay a little late to make it happen. But he loves us, so he did it :) 

We arrived at the airport & the friendliest attendant ever helped us get all of our bags in, checked everything in, and handled Ella's boarding pass. I was blown away. People were never that nice to me when I flew without Ella! We made it through security & then just had to wait for our flight. 

Funny story... we almost missed it. We were sitting in the children's play area & completely missed our boarding call. We headed over there assuming it was probably close to time, and found out we were some of the last people to board the plane! Luckily a sweet man agreed to move his seat so that Britt & I could sit together. I think he saw the panic in my eyes when I realized that I was going to have to handle her solo. (Although Britt may have enjoyed her flight a bit more if he hadn't moved...) 

Our flight made it to Orlando ahead of schedule & we met my parents at baggage claim. My mom is awesome, so she had Starbucks waiting for me! We loaded our luggage into their rental & were on our way to the hotel.... 

Saturday - We woke up & headed off to the store to get some groceries for our stay. We always book condos when we travel as a family so that we can eat breakfast in the room. It's especially helpful when we have Ella with us because she needs a lot of snacks... 

Once we were back from the store, it was time to head to the pool! The resort we stayed at had a kid's pool that was only 1 foot deep, so Ella was in heaven. My sister and I stayed in the water with her the whole time, but she didn't have to wear floaties & that made her very happy. She swam for over an hour before she passed out in her stroller for a marathon napping session. 

That night we headed to Downtown Disney to do a little bit of shopping. We wanted to have our Disney t-shirts to wear in the park next day, so we bought them that night at the massive Disney store there. Ella got a sunhat, Minnie sunglasses, a Minnie t-shirt, and a flashing pen to sign autographs with. I got a tank top to wear with my ears, which I'd brought with me from my last trip. I also purchased an ornament for our Christmas tree in honor of Ella's first trip! 

Side note: I normally love Downtown Disney, but it's undergoing a major renovation right now. It was really hard to get through the paths & totally overcrowded. I've never seen it like this though, so I'm blaming the renovation & will definitely go back next time I'm in Orlando. 

Sunday - Disney Day... read about it here

Monday - The forecast for Monday was pretty grim, warm but super rainy, so we decided to hit up the outlets for some shopping. If you know the Bliss family, you aren't shocked by this decision at all, as all of our vacations tend to involve shopping...

I purchased new shorts from Under Armour & a new hoodie from Nike. My mom & sister got new watches & my dad found some new shirts. Deals for everyone! But where I really cleaned up was the Gap. Everything was already 50% off & I had a coupon for an additional 40% off too. My entire bill came to $73, but I saved $125. 

Tuesday - We woke up to an email that our flight was already delayed by an hour, so we didn't have to get to the airport until 2. That was exciting news, but we had to scratch our orignial plan of a pool day because it just wasn't warm enough. We ended up going to breakfast at Panera, packing up our stuff, and then hitting the Florida Mall. It had a Nordstrom, so we couldn't help ourselves. Unfortunately, I didnt' have any room left in my suitcase, so I left empty handed :( 

Ella fell asleep just as we were pulling up to the airport & miraculously slept through the entire ticketing line and security. She woke up just as we were arriving at our gate & had time to run around. She did a lot better on our flight home, that is until we started our descent. At that point she screamed in pain & puked on me. Nothing would calm her down. Thankfully, it was over quickly & my sister was able to clean me off. The people around us were very nice about it, but it was not the peaceful ending to vacation that I'd hoped for! Oh well, it'll be a great embarrassing story for when she gets older... 

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