Thursday, March 27, 2014

Long Time No Blog...

We'll hello everyone! I'm just popping back in after dropping off the face of the Earth for the past week. I have excuses & lots of them, so let's get to it...

1 - NJHS 

with my cheerleaders that we inducted last night! love them! 
I am co-advisor of our schools' National Junior Honor Society, an organization that honors students who have demonstrated both scholarship and service. We had our induction ceremony last night, so that kept me running around the building like crazy for the past three days. There were a lot of administrators and board members in attendance, so I was a little bit intense. Luckily, I had amazing people helping me behind the scenes & the ceremony went off without a hitch.  

2 - Laundry

I currently have about a gajillion loads of laundry to do, and that is after I already did a gajillion this weekend. Between my gym clothes, Eric's gym clothes, towels, and Ella it never ends! My goal is to get it all washed, folded, and put away by Sunday morning when my in-laws are coming over for dinner. It's a pretty lofty goal, but it needs to get done. 

3 - Divergent

Remember a couple weeks ago when I got sucked into Hunger Games? Well it happened again, only with Divergent this time. I've read the entire trilogy & am now dying to go see the movie. Has anyone else seen it? My sister thought it was good, but didn't think it followed the book very closely. I'd love to hear opinions before I spend $20 to see it at the theater! 

4 - Training 

Good news - I've been keeping up my workout schedule through all of this craziness. I got in all of my cardio for the week & weighed in yesterday morning at 127.5. I'm very happy with that after a trip to Disney and a week of chaos. My eating habits have sucked though, so I need to get back on top of that. I just can't seem to keep it in check when I'm stressed or traveling... 

5 - Travel

Speaking of travel, we ended up being out of town for most of last weekend. We went to Albany to attend a baby shower for my future nephew, Finn. It was absolutely adorable & totally Pinterest worthy. The amount of time in the car & away from home stunk, but we got to spend some time with people that we don't see very often, so it was worth it. 

Ella hugging her cousin, Ophelia, at the shower... 
This weekend, we're staying home. I'm serious. No trips. I will go to the gym, do laundry, cook real meals. That's all I'm doing. Ella & I need to rest up because Spring Break is only two weeks away!! 


  1. If only we lived closer, I would TOTALLY see the movie with you as Chris refuses to see it with me. :)

  2. I read Divergent and saw the movie last weekend. I liked the movie a lot but I thought there were some relationships that were much better developed in the book. Some of the things that were shocking in the book weren't as shocking in the movie because of this.

    Glad you're back!

    p.s. What DON'T you do at your school? Coach, advisor, general badass. Damn, lady. Impressed.

  3. I am in the middle of the second of the Divergent series and I'm hooked, can't wait to watch the movie! Glad you're back x