Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ella's First Trip to Disney!

On Sunday, we woke up at the crack of dawn & headed to Disney! It took a little bit of work to get everything put into backpacks & loaded into the car, but we made it happen. After a quick stop at Panera, we were on our way! 

The one (and only) thing I love about staying off property is taking the monorail into the Magic Kingdom from the ticketing area. I kind of love the monorail... in a ridiculous way. It started as a kid & I just still love it. Don't even try to get me to ride the boat... 

waiting for the tram to take us to the monorail
walking into the park with her Aunt Brittany
We made our way up Main Street and my sister was kind enough to snap a shot of us in front of the castle. Then we headed off to Fantasy World to set  up our Fast Passes & get to riding some rides! 

Our first ride of the day was the caurosel. I'm really glad that we chose this as our first because it was kind of a good warm up for Ella. She'd never rode a ride before this trip, so I wasn't sure what to expect. She was kind of hilarious... holding on for dear life, but smiling as we got going. 

we shared a horsie & Aunt Britt rode next to us
After the Caurosel, we rode Dumbo - which was Ella's favorite of the day. She was giggling the whole time & even figured out how to control the stick. I wish that I'd been able to take her on it again, but there was just too much to fit in!

I'd done my homework ahead of time & made a reservation for us to eat lunch at The Crystal Palace. It gave us a chance to sit down, eat real food, and meet the characters of Winnie the Pooh. I'd been here for breakfast as a kid & remember loving it. Unfortunatley, Ella wasn't sure what to think about the characters, so it ended up being a really expensive fiasco. Oh well, I got my money's worth on iced tea & the buffet.

Ella's reaction to the characters is captured perfectly in this photo... 
After lunch we headed back into the park, right smack dab into the middle of a parade. Ella LOVED this! It was all music & dancing. She was shaking it with my parents, giggling the whole time. I have a couple videos of it that I've probably already watched a hundred times. It was just too cute! 

We spent the rest of our day riding more rides, meeting Minnie Mouse, and watching another parade... just typical Disney stuff.  

Miss Ella meets Miss Minnie

the whole gang on the teacups
At about five we started debating if we should stay or go back to the hotel. I really wanted to watch the Electrical Parade though, so we decided we'd go for it. We had a quick dinner & then headed to Main Street to do some shopping & claim a spot for the parade. The highlight of this portion of the trip was sipping Starbucks. It is easily the best decision Disney has made in years! They added a cafe to their main street shops & it was exactly what we all needed at 8 as we sat waiting for the parade! 

We made it through the parade & totaled 14 hours in the park that day. We were all exhausted, but everyone agreed that it was totally worth it to see Ella having such a good time. And I think the rest of us would all admit that we enjoyed the Disney magic too :) 

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  1. Hooray for Disney magic!! So glad your precious Ella had such a fantastic first trip to WDW!! {It's pretty much my favorite place on the planet! ;)}