Thursday, February 27, 2014

Small Changes

We're two months into 2014 & I can honestly say that it's already kicking 2013's ass. My whole family is healthier & happier and all it took were a few small changes.

last year vs. this year  - I mean seriously... look at my thighs! 

For starters, we've changed up how we do breakfast. It's always been carbs for breakfast around here, but now we're switching it up. I've abandoned my daily bagel with butter & am eating a Clif Bar in its place. Far more protein & fiber with less calories. It's still sweet though, so I feel like I'm having a treat.  Eric is still eating cereal, but now it's either Multigrain Cheerios or Raisin Bran. Such a small change for both of us, but it's making a huge difference. 

Another small change I've started to integrate into my diet is 12 Hour Fasting. It's really simple & I've noticed a huge change in my metabolism. This is how it works... you stop eating at 6:30 p.m. and don't start eating until 6:30 a.m. That's all there is to it. You just shut down the kitchen at night. Yes, I'm hungry when I wake up. But I've always been hungry when I wake up. You know when I'm not hungry anymore? At 9 p.m. - I just don't even think about it. 

Another small & easy change - vitamins! I'm going to be honest, I don't notice a difference in how I feel now that I'm taking them, but I'm trusting that they're working their magic on the insides. Right now, I'm taking a simple women's multi-vitamin. I thought I'd start off with that & see how it went. I wanted to see if I actually followed through & took them daily before researching & investing in multiple bottles of supplements.  Even Ella is trying this one out, she started taking Flintstones Vitamin Gummies & loves them. I'm pretty sure she's the only child that screams MORE when she's finished taking her vitamins. 

The biggest small change we've made is our gym membership. We've always belonged to two separate clubs with "cheaper" rates. We had to alternate when we went because someone always had to stay with Ella. This year, we decided to let our other memberships expire & invest in at he YMCA. We have a family plan, so Ella can go to the supervised play area while we workout. It has already helped us double the amount of exercise we get each week - which is easily worth the $20 extra we're paying each month. 

Moral of today's post? Start small. You'll still get results. We haven't turned our world upside down, but we're all making progress. 


  1. Congrats! These small changes seemed to be making big improvements in your lives! Glad to hear 2014 is already shaping up to be a great year. Found you through the link up!

  2. I definitely noticed the difference in your thighs! Good for you! I've never thought about it but your idea of 12 hours fasting at night is awesome! x

  3. Loving your post! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) check it out on my blog