Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's The Little Things...

As I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, Ella reminded me that taking joy in the little things is what life is all about. I was rushing, grabbing her sneakers to put on her, and she got so excited. She just got new ones with "Mo" on them this weekend. My mom says she picked them out herself. She lit up over these sneakers, reaching down to point to Mo & beaming at me in the process. It was the perfect reminder that if Ella can get that excited over her sneakers, then I can find joy in the small things throughout my day.


Today, I'm choosing to be joyful because... 

  • I am in love with my new iPhone. I told you all I was getting a serious upgrade with my tax refund & it came through! I have a gold iPhone 5S and just love it. It's pretty on its own, but made even prettier by the background freebies that Lisette has hooked me up with. 
  • Eric is home. I could never fully explain to him how much his mere presence balances me. I'm far too high strung on my own. I need him & probably don't tell him that enough.
  • It's Spirit Week at school & who loves Spirit Week more than a cheerleading coach? No one. I'm fully decked out in my Batman tee for Superhero Day & love it. 
  • My clothes are fitting perfectly and I feel amazing - thanks to exercise & clean eating. I've stumbled a little bit in the midst of the weekend chaos, but already feel better after a solid sweat yesterday afternoon. 
  • I get to sweat again tonight. 
  • Instagram always makes me smile. Whether it's dogs, babies, quotes, people at the gym... I just love Instagram.
  • My students are awesome. They give me so much to smile & laugh about throughout the day. If you're a teacher - you get it. Students are completely, unintentionally hysterical. The humor they provide me is priceless. 
  • I get to watch more Olympics tonight! I'm just so obsessed... Go Team USA! 
What "little things" bring you joy? 


  1. Yay! So happy you got the gold iPhone! I have the 5 and it's SUCH an improvement over my old 4S. Glad you like my freebies! Thanks for the shoutout girl :)

  2. I have the iPhone 5s Silver and I am also loving it :) The little things count!