Sunday, February 23, 2014

Best. Week. Off. Ever.

Where do I even begin? Last week was quite possibly one of my best. weeks. ever. I was off from school for February Break without any obligations. Nothing. I had the whole week to do as I pleased with. And you know what else? Ella's daycare was still open three days of the week - which meant even. more. freedom. As in, unheard of amounts of freedom for this mama. It was a completely unprecedented scenario. To say that I made the most of it would be a complete understatement. This is what "mommy time" looked like... 

The Spa... 

On Wednesday, I was able to use my gift card to the Spa at the Del Monte to get a massage. I was advised by my co-workers to get there early & reap all of the benefits, so I showed up at 9, even though my appointment wasn't until 10. After checking in, I took a long, hot shower in their huge multi-jet showers to get my muscles warmed up & relaxed for my massage. Then after changing into the plush robe, I sat in the completely silent waiting area, sipping my tea & reading magazines. It was completely zen. 

My massage was absolutely fantastic. I had her do a full body, and then focus on my legs for the end of the session. So worth it. The time on a massage table always flies by & I was sad to see the 80 minutes end. I was warm & relaxed... a rarity in February. 

And you know what I did after my massage? I got back into one of those showers because it was just that amazing the first time. Then, I got ready for the day there, taking advantage of the free salon quality products they had & taking my sweet time. It was a day of total relaxation. 

The Gym... 

I spent at least an hour a day at the gym every day of vacation. My mom thought this was overkill, but it was exactly the type of kick start that I needed to get going on my half training. I did spinning, running, elipticizing, weight lifting... everything. And even though I took a rest day on Friday, I still showed up to to take a nice long walk on the treadmill, since I didn't want to fall on the sheet of ice outside my house. 

The icing on my fitness cake was that I was even able to make it to a Power Vinyassa class at Breathe. If you've never done "hot yoga," you need to. It's a great way to stretch & sweat at the same time. I left the class feeling so refreshed & zenned out that it was unbelievable. My instructor was amazing & really got me thinking about how I want to grow as an individual too... but more on that later this week. 

Shopping Without A Stroller... 

Don't get me wrong, I love to shop with Ella. It's something we do regularly together & really, she's great at it. But there's just something about shopping without a stroller that makes me happy. Yes, I have to carry my bags, but I'm not weaving in & out of people, apologizing along the way. (If you've never shopped with a stroller, you probably think I'm crazy, but if you have, you know what I'm talking about.) So even though more than half of what I bought was for her, the actual shopping trip was totally for me. 

While I was at the mall, I did a little research for an upcoming post & hit up the new Athleta store that just opened at Eastview. I tried on a bunch of stuff & ended up getting this tie-dyed tank top that I'm totally obsessed with, so expect to see it frequently. 

The best part of the whole week though? At the end of the day, I got to go pick up Ella & focus all of my energy on her. I didn't have to worry about doing a load of laundry or cleaning the kitchen or meal prepping - all of that had been taken care of already. So before you all start leaving me nasty comments about how I don't like spending my daughter, let me assure you that she got far more undivided attention from me as a result of my mommy time than if I'd dragged her along with me on all of my errands. We played with "Mo" and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear a hundred times without me throwing off her entire napping schedule at day care. It was the perfect balance. 

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  1. Your week sounds heavenly. I so wish we had a February break (my brother had last week off too). When we have a long break, I have zero motivation, so you are totally an inspiration here. :)