Friday, February 14, 2014

Be My Valentine

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Eric & I were supposed to go out to a big, fancy dinner tonight. Then I called to confirm our dinner reservation & found out that said dinner was going to cost over $200 because of the "special holiday menu" the restaurant is serving. We love each other, but not that much. So instead, we're going to make dinner together at home & enjoy each other's company without the chaos of Miss Ella. I was disappointed the dinner plans fell apart at first, but I realized that I'll be just as happy with our new plans. I guess what they say is true, all you need is love.

Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. Oh my goodness almost the same thing happen to Dean and I. We called a fancy restaurant in the south wedge (well, Swillburg) for a reservation, but Dean was smart enough to ask... $85 per person! No thanks! We are going to Lento tonight instead.

  2. C & I looked at each other the other night and figured we'd rather eat at home on Valentine's day (because, you know, crowds). So, we bought a nice bottle of wine and made pizza at home. It was perfect! Happy late Valentine's Day!