Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Items I Can't Wait to Wear...

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel people! We've had a few days in the mid-50's & it has me itching to pull out all of my favorite spring & summer items. My closet doesn't have room for them right now though, so I'm being forced to restrain myself. But if I could, I'd be pulling out my...

1 - Jean Jacket

I'll be able to pull this one out soon, once it hits 60 I can manage it with a scarf. I bought my jean jacket on sale from J.Crew last year & wore it all of the time.The outfit above was from this post, where I paired it with my favorite maxi, but I also wore it all of the time with shorts... 

via Madewell

It's the perfect item to keep thrown in your car because it matches absolutely everything! If you don't have one already, Shaeffer & Shay are obsessed with this one!

2 - Sandals 

Sandals are my favorite part of summer. I love the air between my toes & being able to show off my pedicure. I'm also proud to say that I've spent a significant amount of time upgrading from Old Navy flip flops to more stylish options (though I do still wear my black Old Navy flip flops more often than I probably should) and I'm dying to break them out. But... there is still at least half a foot of snow on the ground in my backyard, forcing me into more sensible options. Right now I'm getting by by wearing my Hunters to work & then switching into my flats when I arrive. 

3 - Pastel Khakis

Last year I invested in a few pairs of pastel khakis while Gap was clearing out their stores. I absolutely love them because a) they're remarkably comfortable & b) they add a relaxed feel to any outfit that makes me feel like I'm a celeb out running errands. Above is how I wore them in early fall, but this is how I wore them throughout the summer. I was happy to see that Gap is bringing them out again this season, so if you missed out before, now's your chance.

What are you dying to pull out of your closet?