Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Weeks

Two weeks is a very, very long time to be on vacation from school. Walking back into the building this morning is likely to be the first day of school all over again. So while I'm mentally preparing to reteach routines & start dishing out homework again, let's recap the the last two weeks... 

my amazing team! 
We kicked off our Christmas break with our cheer holiday party. The team bought me a gift card to a luxurious local spa & treated to me a full buffet of baked goods. 

The next morning, we woke up to open stockings & have our fake Christmas. I got a few new running magazines, Starbucks gift cards, & my favorite candies... because I hadn't had enough sugar yet. We then got ourselves ready to head out of town for a week with family, which started at Eric's dad's. 

Ella was able to play with her only cousin, Ophelia & her puppy uncles - Luigi & Taz. She got the cutest sleeping bag from her Uncle Kevin, while Eric was gifted his precious cast iron skillet. Ophelia got a chair just like Ella's, which Ella didn't understand, so she kept trying to kick Ophelia out of it. Then they decided to share it... 

with her favorite cousin, Ophelia 
On Christmas Eve, we spent the night at Eric's mom's. Santa dropped off fresh jammies & we watched way too many Christmas movies. Ella woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning, and we dove into unwrapping gifts. She made out like a bandit again, and so did Eric & I. My favorite from my MIL? My new convection oven! 

Christmas Eve @ my in-law's 
After the world's most delicious cinnamon rolls, we were back on the road to my parent's house to open gifts... again. Ella was a pro at this point & loved her new play kitchen! My mom gifted me my Hunter Wellies & a Kate Spade bag - which are both amazing. But Eric stole all of the glory when he surprised me with Justin Timberlake tickets! My reaction was totally over the top, but I was so shocked that I couldn't control myself! 

Christmas Day with my hubs at my parent's house... 

The rest of our week at home involved naps, food, cuddling, puppies, wedding planning & playing with Ella's toys. It was a much needed break. But by Saturday, we were ready to get back to our own house. So we packed up two cars full of gifts & made the drive. Unpacking was quite the task, but we got it done.

On Sunday, it was time to get back down to business. I went for a run & then headed to the grocery store - prepping to detox from my holiday binge. 

Eric was back at work on Monday & Ella went to day care to play with her BFFs, so I headed to the mall & scoped out the clearance sale with one of my besties. That night, I caught up with another amazing friend over a steak dinner - all while somehow managing to stay within my calories for the day. It was a small miracle...
my outfit for our very laid back shopping trip... 

New Year's Eve was spent at the movies seeing Anchorman 2, while my Aunt Babs watched Ella. We barely made it to the ball drop, I guess we're just old like that... 

I've already told you about my New Year's Day & that I got snowed in! Luckily, we got out on Friday & were back to practice with the squad. That took up a lot of my time over the weekend, but yesterday was all about family...

bundled up to go out in the snow on Friday! 
We had a healthy breakfast, got groceries, hit up Target, then made a quick stop at the mall... all before lunch. My sister & her fiancĂ© came over that afternoon for football, homemade pizza & skillet wings. Once they left it was time to prep for our return to school! 

out shopping yesterday! 
Wow! What a whirlwind! Like I said, it was an amazing vacation. The perfect length for Ella & I. I'm ready to get back into our routine & knock out these competitions... it'll be February Break before I know it! 

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