Friday, January 3, 2014

The Evolution of Panic

There's nothing that drives me crazier than the widespread panic that ensues when a winter storm warning is issued in Upstate New York. It all starts with this...

Which is then followed by this...


And this...

Last night I started to ponder, did people freak out over the weather this much before the advent of social media & text messaging? Did they take pictures of their thermometers & show them to their co-workers upon arrival to work? Did mothers of grown ass individuals call places of business to ensure the arrival of their son or daughter? Did storms stem special news reports that interrupted The Big Bang Theory every five minutes? My guess is no... people simply put their big kid pants on, shoveled the driveway & dealt with it. After Winter Storm Hercules, I'm starting to think that's what we all need to get back to. Less panic. More dealing with it. Because let's be honest, that pic you're snapping is only going to freak someone out & we'll have one more panicked driver on the roads. Ahem, Nadine...

So next time you're ready to snap that dashboard pic or tweet about the three feet of snow outside your door, stop yourself & ask - Is this really necessary or am I simply contributing to the panic? Chances are, it's the latter. 


  1. -36? Holy crap. I'm so sorry! I thought it was bad here... I hope school is at least delayed for you guys.

    Stay warm!


  2. I really can't believe it was -36. Wow. Also, I'm staying off the roads, I promise! My California butt cannot drive in snow and I don't even like to attempt it.

  3. That is one of my pet-peeves about living in upstate. This occurs a few times a year around here. It's not like we live in FL and have a foot of snow on the ground. We know what to do so shut up and do it!!

  4. Nadine's tweet lol Today I looked at my dashboard while my car warmed up, checked Facebook wondering how many people posted temp pictures and wasn't surprised when half of them were. Swear, even though I live in Michigan people are still shocked when we get a big snow storm!?