Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tax Refund Wish List

I finished our taxes last night & thanks to Miss Ella, we're expecting a nice little refund. Now, that refund will be headed directly to our savings account. However, if I could spend it to my heart's content, this is what I'd purchase. 

maxi dresses

iphone 5S

One of these is actually happening & that's a new iPhone. I have a 4, not even a 4S. So it's time for an upgrade. My front camera doesn't even work anymore, but that's probably for the best - less selfies on Instagram that way. 

What are you doing with your tax refund? 


  1. That maxi dress is beyond perfection!! Praying we get something back which will go straight to savings...but I am dreaming right there with ya!!

  2. All of us at times suspect the possibility that arrive us financial החזרי מס reimbursements either profits of lost/hopeless monies from our past from the employers or from authorities of the tax. Then what do? בדיקת החזרי מס Firstly, come becomes few order : Reimbursements from the employer are made/likely to get accepted after billed all the receipts that were/was supposed to receive, but in tandem, מס שבח beyond on The report.