Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Q: What's Black and White and Red All Over?

A: My outfit for Saturday evening... 

pants - Gap // shirt - Target
flats - Kohl's // bag - Kate Spade
necklace - Francesca's // bangles - Alex & Ani 

... and because I thought you'd all enjoy a close up of my thighs shoes.

I wore this low key look for an evening of shopping & dining with my family. It was a little brisk outside, so I basically sprinted to the car. But otherwise, it was a perfect outfit for browsing the mall & stress eating all of the waffle fries I could find (which is fine, because I repented with a serious run on Monday). It's a small miracle, but I didn't buy a single thing for myself while shopping. In fact, the only thing that we bought at all was a new blue & gold outfit for Ella to wear to competition on Sunday. 

Oh yes... about competition. It was a bit disastrous. We still got second, but that was only because of a miraculous recovery. Ella didn't care though. She's just loves trophies...


  1. Love the stripes and red mixture! You look adorable in it

  2. Those flats paired with a red skinny is classic and chic. Love it! New follower :)

    <3 Daryl