Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mastering Weight Loss Maintenance

Over the past nine years, I've learned a lot about maintaining weight loss. In all honesty, keeping it off is just as much work at losing it in the first place. It takes just as much, if not more, discipline. It isn't impossible though. People are always asking me how I do it... so here it is. 

weight loss scale

Tip #1 - Leave 12 Hours Between Dinner & Breakfast 

This is something that I've just recently started doing & it works wonders. I usually am finished with dinner by 7 p.m. & don't eat breakfast until I arrive at school at 7 a.m. the next day. I've completely eliminated snacking from my night time routine. I have noticed a big difference in my metabolism, so I know it's working. 

Some people have asked if I get hungry, but I go to bed relatively early (between 9 & 10), so it doesn't bother me. If you're a night owl, it might be a struggle. Nonetheless, I'd give it a try if I were you. 

Tip #2 - Don't Drink Your Calories 

Most women my age love to go home & drink a glass of wine after a long day. Not me. I'm just not into it anymore. I know it's annoying to some of the people I hang out with that I'd rather drink iced tea, but it makes me happy. If I'm being completely honest, all I'm usually thinking about as I drink the wine is how many miles I'll have to run to burn it off. I have to have a reason to celebrate to start drinking my calories & a crappy day at work just isn't something I want to waste them on. 

Tip #3 - Get off Your Ass 

Exercise is probably the biggest factor in maintaining my current weight. It lets me eat a relatively normal diet & feel satisfied. It also keeps my muscles toned & my metabolism revved up. Even as little as 20 minutes a day makes a huge difference. I've taken to walking the hallways on my lunch break, which makes me feel like a dork sometimes, but it gets the job done in these frigid temps. 

Tip #4 - Know When to Stop 

It's ok to indulge. I'm all about frozen margaritas, queso, and chicken tenders. But I don't do it every day. Not even every week. You have to know when enough is enough, otherwise you'll end up in a dangerous downhill spiral. This is essentially what happened during my first ten weeks of knowing I was pregnant. I went balls to the wall & took it as license to eat breakfast sandwiches & cinnamon rolls every day. Things got out of hand quick & luckily I put myself back on track after the first trimester. So if you decide to treat yourself, make sure to get back to your normal at the next meal. 

Tip #5 - Use Your Skinny Jeans as a Reality Check 

I'm not always a fan of the scale. Yes, it provides me with some sort of accountability on a weekly basis. However, the true measure of how much I've been slacking off is my skinny jeans. And when I say skinny jeans, I mean my skinniest pair of skinny jeans. You all know which ones I'm talking about, because they're the ones that you go to when you're feeling hot. If I can't zip those ones up, I know it's time to put the margarita down & hop on the treadmill. 


  1. Great stuff, Bri! Weight management is definitely a life-long journey! I am coming up on 25 years since I was a year out of college and started running to lose weight.

    Definitely agree on everything - PLUS, there was a recent study showing that running (assue cardio in general but running was the activity) resulted in test subjects craving healthier foods like fruits and veggies afterwards rather than junk food and 'calorie bombs'. That is similar to my experience - my running regulates my diet, which then regulates my weight.

    I also think it is good to have more than one clothing item - you can always say 'that one must have shrunk'. I have a wrong-size compression shirt (got as a gift) that is completely unforgiving and brutally honest as well as jeans. Except that I bottomed out my old clothes so I needed to redefine 'skinny' again.

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