Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday - Wedding Dresses, County Champions, & a Burning Sensation

Getting a late start today because this week has been a whirlwind! I can't believe that it's already Friday! Obviously that's a good thing, but because it snuck up on me, I am not even close to packed for our trip this weekend. I'm praying that I don't forget anything & that if I do, my parents have it at their house! We're leaving as soon as I get home & I did my best to throw everything together. I just know that if I'm running late, my sister will get feisty. 

1 - Wedding Dress Shopping 

The reason for our road trip this weekend is to shop for my sister's wedding dress! I am so excited! We're going to look at the same place where I bought my dress, plus another that stocks Lazarro. It will take every ounce of self-control to not be the MOH who starts trying on dresses too. But I won't. I promise Britt. 

beaded wedding gown
a close up of one of the dresses she'll be trying on... 
2 - County Champs

Last night our Varsity team competed at the County Tournament. This is a Varsity only competition, so I get to relax & just push play. Haha - that's a complete lie. I I am still a nervous wreck. I coached most of these girls during my first year & still get anxiety because I just love them to death! 

cheerleaders pray during awards

They nailed their performance. It was absolutely flawless. Then, my favorite cheerleader ever made it onto First Team All - County! So proud of her!!! 

3 - Brooklyn Half Marathon 

As I tried to tell you Wednesday, I am all signed up to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 17th! I'm going to run it with two of my co-workers that have never run a half before. I'm really looking forward to training with other people this time & I get to act like a "coach" - even though I'm not remotely qualified to coach anyone in running! 

Also, one of my best friends is moving to NYC & I'm going to get to stay with her... on her birthday weekend! Perfect timing! It's going to be such a great trip! 

4 - The Start of Training

The start of training has caused a burning sensation in my ass. It's on fire from all of the exercise it's gotten this week. I was able to run on Monday & Thursday. Then on Tuesday & Wednesday I walked on an incline during my lunch break. You burn a lot more calories than you'd expect walking uphill & it will make that booty burn! I'm lucky that I have the OT room with 2 treadmills right across the room from me. It makes my lunch breaks a lot healthier. 

I'm also focusing on squats, lunges, and ab work to help get ready for the race. I know that I need to keep my quads strong to support my knee & all running bloggers profess that "a strong core is key to solid running." So, I'm going to try... even though I feel like I never get anywhere with my abs. 

5 - Weight Loss 

Apparently I'm doing something right with my eating because I'm down to 126 pounds. Who knew that those "clean eating" gurus actually knew what they were talking about. The lowest I can ever seem to get is 125, but I plan to change that during half training. I know that I'll be packing on muscle, which may skew the scale. However, I also know that my clothes are already fitting me better, so the training will only make those results more amazing. Fingers crossed I'll be ready to wear a bikini during our trip to Florida in March! 


  1. So, I'm not quite engaged(but we are THIS CLOSE!!), so I have to ask. Who made the dress in the pic above? As in, can I see a pic of the finished dress? I so want pockets and that little bit of bling! Can you tell I'm getting excited to plan a wedding?

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