Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wear on Winter Weekends

My winter weekend wardrobe is pretty simple... fleece leggings, boots, a scarf, and a coat. It's pretty much all you can get away with when out running errands in this weather. It was 10 degrees on Saturday, then a balmy 27 when we went to Holidays at the Market. I go for warmth, not style in those types of conditions. 

Here's an honest look at what I wear on winter weekends... 

leggings - Cozy Orange // boots - MIA // scarf - Forever 21
vest - Land's End // sweater - J.Crew Factory
This was me, bundled up for a shopping trip with my sister two weekends ago. We weren't headed anywhere fancy, so I didn't feel guilty wearing my leggings. I was so warm & cozy that the 20 mph winds barely even phased me...
leggings - Under Armour // scarf - Forever 21 // jacket - J.Crew
bag - Phillip Lim for Target // boots - MIA
Let's talk about my jacket in this photo. I've been coveting it for months, but haven't been able to justify the price. Lucky for me, J.Crew had 30% off last week & I ordered it as a Christmas gift to myself. I'm so in love with it and even though it isn't technically a winter coat, it is water & wind resistent, which makes it great for layering. 

skinnies - Old Navy // boots - American Eagle // scarf - Gap
sweatshirt - Gap // hat - H&M 

Last up is the outfit I wore to Holidays at the Market. It was a cold & snowy day. I would've preferred wellies, but sadly Santa hasn't delivered on those yet. So instead, I opted for my booties & made the best of it with cozy socks. I love that the look was festive, without looking too Christmas-y. 

So as you can see, when it comes to winter weekends, skinny jeans are "fancy," leggings are the norm, boots are an essential, scarves are too. I wouldn't have it any other way. (Unless anyone wants to fly me to SoCal, in which case I'd take that too...)

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