Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Weather...

I am a northern girl. I've been born & raised in the Northeast. Snow is a natural part of my life. I don't think twice about gunning it to make it up the driveway. I own multiple parkas. Gloves & scarfs aren't just an accessory, they're a necessity. This is reality in the north. 

Watching all of my favorite Texans get iced in over the weekend was a somewhat comical experience. I get it, it's Texas - you don't have salt trucks & snow plows. But you've got to cut us northerners some slack when we giggle at you. This is what we do every day for 4 months a year! And let's be honest - it can really suck to watch you all trot around in flip flops & tshirts when we're still dealing with freezing temps. Let us have our fun at your expense... 

I started to feel a little bad about my snickering though, and decided to help y'all out by putting together an essential outfit for freezing temps. I own a variation of all of these pieces & they're my go-to on the weekends and snow days. 

North Face Fur Hooded Parka // Fleece Lined Leggings // Hunter Wellies
Buffalo Check Scarf // Pom Pom Hat // Tech Gloves

Stay Warm! 

PS - I'm wearing the fleece lined leggings today as tights under my skirt. Best decision I've made in a long time...

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  1. Fleece lined leggings are hands down the best invention EVER. I bought two pairs this year so far. I can't resist! They are like $7.99 at Marshall's in the juniors section and you can never have too many pairs.