Friday, December 6, 2013

The Bliss Christmas Movie Marathon

I saw this pin on Pinterest before it was even Halloween & thought to myself... we need to do this. I need to block off a day on the calendar & just snuggle on the couch watching Christmas movies. So this Sunday, that is what we're doing. We're staying in & having a movie marathon! It might get complicated with Eric's football schedule, but we have more than one tv & I'm not letting him stand in the way of holiday happiness... 

Our Movie Choices... 
  • Home Alone - Eric's Favorite
  • Elf - My All Time Favorite 
  • The Santa Clause - Classic Tim Allen
  • The Grinch - My Sister's Favorite
  • Polar Express - Never seen it, but I know it involves Tom Hanks & you can't go wrong with Tom Hanks. 

Our Snacks... 

Eric's Favorite ~ Classic Homemade Chex Mix 
This is the recipe that his mom uses. She definitely tweaks it though... I'm positive hers has more Worchestershire than this one calls for. I'm making a huge batch because the bag that she sent lasted less than 24 hours last weekend. We absolutely love the stuff - even Ella! 

My Favorite ~ Homemade Pizza

I just love homemade pizza & am itching to get crafty and make a few of these beauties. If they turn out ok, I'm going to make another batch for an upcoming Christmas party too. I'm going to use green peppers instead of black olives though. 

Dessert ~ Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread 

I know I should be making Christmas cookies, but they're just too much work. So, I'm keeping things simple & making apple monkey bread instead. So delicious. So easy. I use this recipe here & it always turns out awesome. I'm making it in a muffin tin this time too so that they're individual sized. {portion control is key this time of year!}

I'll be sure to post pictures as our day of cuddles & giggles progresses. I'm so looking forward to it... 

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  1. Elf is one of my very favs!!! I look forward to watching it every year!