Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Last year, Ella was so young that I didn't fill her stocking. She didn't really understand how to open gifts, so I didn't invest the time & money in it. This year, she's all about unwrapping, so I'm all about her stocking! I love finding all sorts of little items for her & know that she'll love unwrapping all of them! Here are some of the items I've bought to fill it with...

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1 ~ Play Food 

My mom bought Ella a kitchen from IKEA for Christmas, so I purchased some fake food to go along with it. She already has some play food that came with the shopping cart she got for her birthday, but this time I opted for the stuffed kind. I'm all about variety :) My favorite source for play food is Pottery Barn Kids - they have great stuff like this & this

2 ~ Socks

I don't know about other people's kids, but Ella goes through socks like no one's business. Part of that is her obsession with stomping in Charlie's water dish. The other part is that she just takes them off & leaves them all over the place too. Any way... I came across a 5 for $10 sock deal at Gap on Black Friday & stocked up on a few quality pairs. 

3 ~ Little People

Ella loves Little People! She got the princess set for her birthday & I'm adding to it for Christmas with the Snow White & Seven Dwarfs set. They're perfect for her to carry around with her & are really durable. They come in a variety of sets & prices. I found her set on Amazon, but I know that they have them at Target and Walmart too. 

4 ~ Mittens

Another item that Ella seems to lose all of the time. I just love the pair above from Gap! However, I bought her a few cheaper pairs from Walmart for daycare - 2 for 87 cents... can't beat it. 

5 ~ Headbands

Ella is just coming around to wearing headbands again. She went through a stage where there was absolutely no keeping them on her head. Right now I'm loving all of the options from Jameson Monroe. I just ordered her this one & have my eye on this one too. 

What are you putting in stockings this year? 

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