Monday, December 16, 2013

Holidays at the Market

Yesterday, we shoveled out & bundled up to go to Holidays at the Market, a Christmas fair held at Rochester's Public Market. It only runs for three Sundays in December, so it was our last chance to go. Even though the weather wasn't ideal, Ella was still excited. She wanted to get out & test her new snow boots...

We met my sister & Matt at Boulder Coffe to get the party started with hot chocolate. Hot cocoa with real milk is my absolute favorite & the barista even did cute little Christmas designs for us! 

very excited to see her Aunt Britt

After our hot cocoa, we walked around to all of the vendors. There were lots of trees, wreaths, and evergreens for sale. We bought a few hand painted ornaments and real maple syrup. Everything was reasonably priced and I think there are probably more vendors when the weather is better. 

Our final stop was to take a carriage ride with Santa! It was Ella's shot at redemption & I had high hopes. I thought that if all of us were together & she didn't have to sit on his lap she'd be ok... I was only half correct. I got in with her & we sat next to Santa. We did good for maybe a minute, and then she insisted on going to her Aunt Britt, who was safely seated across from Santa. 

I managed to get a picture of the three of them together...

Then Santa (he was an awesome Santa by the way...) had a brilliant idea. He suggested that I get off the sleigh & hold her facing the other way, then he would sneak in behind us. Genius! I absolutely love the photo we got! Thanks Santa! 

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