Monday, December 9, 2013

Change in Plans

So, we had a small change in plans over the weekend. We didn't quite make it through our Christmas Movie Marathon, but we did make it a jam packed festive holiday weekend at home! Here's what happened... 

Friday Night

Even though I had practice until 6 on Friday, we still made plans to go to the mall & find a tree topper. It's been driving Eric crazy that we didn't have one, and I'll take any excuse to shop that he gives me. Since we were going to be there, we thought we'd take Ella to see Santa too. 
waiting in line to see Santa! 
We thought she was going to love it again. Last year she sat with him & smiled while we snapped photos of her. It's probably the most precious photo ever. This year, not so much...

Yeah, she hated it. I tried everything possible to make her relax, but no luck. I guess we'll try again next year! 

After the Santa debacle, we headed to Pottery Barn Kids & found the perfect tree topper. After that, Ella was getting feisty - so we headed out of the mall to dinner at a local pub. It was definitely a later night for us, but so nice to have an evening out with just the three of us! 

When we got home, Ella passed out so we watched Four Christmases & Fred Claus. I'm a sucker for Vince Vaughn & had never seen the latter. Not too bad. I don't think I'll be adding it to our collection, but I enjoyed it. 


Ella was ready to roll at 6 am on Saturday morning, and I decided to embrace it instead of wrestling her into submission trying to get her back to sleep. We got up, started bumping the Christmas tunes & got busy wrapping! 

Once that was done, we pigged out on breakfast & I headed off to cheer practice while Eric took Ella grocery shopping. 

Upon my return from practice we popped in The Santa Clause & hung out until college friends arrived for a visit. It's always so interesting to see how our friends interact with Ella... they're all in such different stages in life & you can tell some of them are a little skiddish to play with her. Our friend that visited on Saturday is a teacher though, and she just loves him! 

We finished off the night with pizza & wings and watching The Heat... which I know isn't a Christmas movie at all, but we'd been dying to rent it & it was finally in the RedBox. 


My sister really wanted to take Ella for the day on Sunday, which is the main reason why our movie marathon plan fell apart. I'm not one to discourage free babysitting & had a ton of other holiday related tasks to accomplish, so I took her up on it. 

passed out at her Aunt Brittany's house with Uncle Matt & Barkley

I was able to finish up on stocking stuffers, make my DIY Advent calendar, and whip up some Christmas cookies. And on top of that... I was able to take a heavenly two hour nap! All while watching lots of football... 

sugar cookies ~ my favorite Christmas treat

Hope you had a festive weekend too! 

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